How to Survive the Economic Consequences of Global Events in KY

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Broadband Service

You and your family are experiencing the severe effects of the economic consequences due to global events, causing you to search for ways to reduce your monthly and yearly costs. But, how? The answer may be turning to creating a comparison list between the critical necessities for everyday living and things you can be without until things become financially better.

What to Add to the List

Food or groceries, water, gas, rent, and electricity are absolutely things that are necessary for you and your family. While you can gain access to government assistance when it comes to food and shelter, it may be challenging to find help to pay for communication or connectivity services like talking, texting, and data for a mobile phone. Adding this to your list will be essential as being able to stay connected with your family and employer will be important for sustainability.

Don’t Lose Hope, Here’s Why

You may have heard about federal and state government assistance programs that can help you obtain a free phone with connectivity services and are wondering if they do exist. Yes, they do. So, don’t lose hope because you may be already eligible for these types of programs, allowing you to achieve your communication goals without added costs.


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