The Importance of Background Screening in California

Background Screening in California is a valuable tool for businesses, as the screening helps to protect the company from several risks. A company can no longer assume a potential employee is being truthful on their application or during their interview. The screening process works to undercover the truth and ensures the right person is hired for the position.

What Is Background Screening?

Background screening involves a thorough review of an applicant and his or her financial, criminal, and commercial records. Furthermore, the process may look at the individual’s education, previous employment, department of motor vehicle records, and credit history. It depends on what the organization feels is needed to ensure the process is complete. What should be looked for at this time?

Criminal History

Companies often turn to a background screening provider to learn about an applicant and his or her previous criminal history. Although the information obtained may ultimately have no impact on the hiring process, it is always best to have this information before a decision is made. Major crimes that would prohibit employment are also detected at this time.


Employers may be held liable for the actions of their employees in certain situations. For example, an applicant may have multiple DUIs or reckless driving tickets on his or her motor vehicle record. If the employer hires this individual and an accident occurs, the employer may be held responsible. The background check uncovers this information so the employee can be aware of the risk he or she is taking on.

Workplace Safety

Employees do not want to come to work if they don’t feel safe when doing so. Every employer needs to recognize this and make certain they are taking steps to keep employees and customers safe. The background screening helps to identify everyone from shoplifters to sex offenders and reduce the liability of the employer in the event an employee does cause issues, as there were no previously identified problems during the screening.

Employers want to know they have retained the right person for a position. Background screening in California is of great help in ensuring they achieve this goal. For more information on the process and its benefits, contact Civility Partners today. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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