3 Questions You Should Ask Before Joining a Jacksonville Church

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Religion

When you take the time to research churches in Jacksonville, you’ll want to find one that stands out among the rest. Your search will begin with looking for a denomination that aligns closely with your family’s beliefs. You’ll also want to attend events at the various churches to get a feel for the community within each congregation. Once you have narrowed down your choices to one church, you should take the time to interview the parish priest or pastor.

What Are the Church’s Social Philosophies?

In addition to religious belief, you’ll want to join a parish that shares your family’s values. As you meet with the priest or pastor, ask them about their opinions on topics that are important to you. Issues that involve abortion, LGBTQ rights and other social philosophies should be discussed openly and honestly to help you determine if this really is the right church for your family.

Does the Church Get Involved in the Community?

You should also ask if the church is involved with the larger community. Charitable works and social activities are opportunities to spread the Word of God in addition to helping the parish connect with others in the community. You may be especially interested in a more active church if you’re new to the area.

What Does Membership Involve?

Membership means something different for each of the churches in Jacksonville, so it’s important to get concrete information in advance. You should know what dues you’ll have to pay and what duties you’ll be expected to perform. You should also ask what’s involved in ending your membership if you relocate or choose to join a different church.

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