3 Tips to Consider to Improve the Card Access System of Your Business

3 Tips to Consider to Improve the Card Access System of Your Business

When it comes to building a security plan for your business, access control is going to be one of the most important parts, if not the most important. No matter what state you’re at in creating a secure plan, there are a few tips you should consider to improve your card access systems in Edison NJ.

1. Carefully Evaluate Your System

Think about what you need from your control system. Does the current card access system you use have what you need? Don’t just get into a particular system because of the way that it looks. Instead, focus on the features that it offers. Think about the areas that you’re going to have the system in. Think about the number of times it’s going to be used, how many people are going to have access to it. And how it’s going to fit into all of the other things that your business has in place.

2. Think About Your Access Levels

Remember that not everyone needs to have access to every part of your building. Before granting people with permission or access, think about what areas of the building need the most security and which ones don’t.

The exterior of the building is pretty much the only part of the building that needs your card access system the most. Since it is pretty much the first line of defense, think carefully about who’s going to have access and when they’re going to have access to this part of the building.

3. Audit Those That Have Access

Try things like turning cards off when they’re not used within a certain amount of time. If the card isn’t being used or has been completely inactive, you should set it to where it automatically expires.

When people swipe their cards, you might be able to track which rooms they enter and how often they enter them, along with whether or not they’re entering the correct doors. If they don’t go into the right doors, you can probably set it up to where they are denied access the next time they want to enter that room.

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