5 Tips for Maintaining a Powered Roller Conveyor for a Packaging Machine

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Systems Fabricator

It is of much essence to ensure the optimal functioning of your powered roller conveyor system to maximize production in your facility. Maintaining and inspecting it can reduce downtime and avoid expensive repairs.

Here are a few valuable suggestions for taking care of and maintaining these powered systems.

Lubricate Rollers Regularly

To make sure your conveyor rollers operate smoothly and last longer, it is crucial to lubricate them. Inspect the rollers. Apply the recommended grease whenever necessary to prevent friction and wear. Regularly greasing the rollers in the automatic case packer ensures lubricant distribution, reducing trouble conveying.

Inspect Belts and Replace as Needed

Conveyor belts experience heavy use and require periodic replacement. Inspect belts for wear, tears or cracks. Replace belts before they become damaged to prevent jamming or spilt products. Keeping belts in good condition helps products move seamlessly through your line.

Check Motor and Drive Components

Routine motor, gearbox, pulleys and drive components checks can reveal early signs of trouble. Tighten loose components and replace worn parts to maintain efficient power transfer. Signs such as noise, vibration or overheating indicate maintenance needs.

Clean Spills and Debris Promptly

Food residues and packaging materials can accumulate on rollers and automatic case packers over time if not removed. Thorough cleaning prevents contamination and reduces friction for smooth operation. Sanitize conveyors after cleaning for food-grade applications.

Perform Preventive Maintenance Checks

Following a preventive maintenance schedule catches minor issues before they cause downtime. Checks may include belt tension, alignment, bearing condition and electrical connections—record maintenance to track service life and order replacement components in advance.

For maintenance services or new powered roller conveyor systems, contact DMM Packaging. Their experienced team offers complete solutions for a variety of industries.

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