5 Ways to Improve Your Deep Drawn Stamping Results

It’s not always easy to get those stampings right. For better deep drawing results, here are a few helpful tips:

Prepare the environment

One of the first things you should do is prepare the proper environment before you start anything else. Ensure the area is clean and tailored for the fabrication processes you have in mind, says the British Stainless Steel Association.

Check the drawing ratio

This refers to the blank diameter that’s relative to the cup diameter. If your drawing ratio is too large, you end up with a blank stretched across the punch face. Since you need to have the blank drawn into the cavity, make sure you’ve got the right drawing ratio before you start.

Check the entry radius size

A small one generates high bending strains. This can lead to poor material flow. If you want the best results for your deep drawn stampings, make sure the die entry radius has at least four to six times of metal thickness required for plain carbon steel. This works for stainless steel as well. If you’re working for aluminum alloys, make it six to ten times the material thickness.

Put the punch at the center

You could end up with a lot of errors and mistakes with an off-center punch. So make the necessary adjustments to ensure the punch is always at the center. You can also use a guided set to make this process a whole lot easier. So you won’t have to waste time making adjustments to align the punch with the center in just the right way.

Adjust the drawing speed

You can always reduce the forming speed if you think it’s going too fast. That way, you’ll have better control over the result of your deep drawn stampings.

So get your stampings right. Heed these tips to help you out.

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