Best Female Vocalists of the Present Day

by | Oct 21, 2021 | business

Jazz is not just music, it is a way of life, it is a way of being, a way thinking. These are the great words of American Jazz singer Nina Simone. Music speaks across boundaries, tribes, races and social classes. In a discussion of jazz music, it is almost second nature to dwell on the saxophonists and trumpeters. Vocalists rarely get recognition.

There are exceptional female vocalists in the jazz genre, and it is not easy to name the best female jazz singer without eliciting a discussion and disagreements. The best one can do is to compile a list of the best of the best. Despite the vocalists of the old, the new school holds great female jazz singers.

Diana Krall

Diana Krall is a contemporary jazz vocalist who doubles up as a pianist too. Starting her career in the late ‘90s, Diana reaffirmed her position in the jazz music world by the turn of the century. She has stayed true to the traditional jazz compositions and has gained a massive following. Her talent coupled with stunning looks; she is one of the best female jazz singers we have today.

Rene Marie

Rene is an R&B singer who fuses jazz in her compositions. She is an established songwriter and her songs deeply sooth the mind and ear. Widely known for spontaneity, Rene has proved to be playful and quick one moment and soulful in a heartbeat. Her vocal range is extensive and captivating making her one of the best female jazz singers to date.

Tierney Sutton

This American singer is talented with a wide-ranging voice that is backed up by an uncluttered style. Her voice is strong and holds a lot of potential for the future.

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