How Laughter Helps in Improving your Health and Healing Power

How often do you laugh your heart out? Are you someone who never laughs your heart out? Laughing is one of the best medicines for health and healing. There are number of evidence to prove that laughter is indeed a good medicine for improving health and healing.

Benefits of Laughter

a) Laughter helps to reduce pain and provide us with strength to tolerate discomfort.

b) Laughter reduces blood sugar levels and increases the glucose tolerance in diabetic patients.

c) If you are involved in creative tasks or finding solutions for complex problems, laughing helps to improve your performance.

d) Laughing is considered as the best medicine for improving relationships and helps to avoid conflicts between couples.

e) Laughing helps blood vessels to function well.

f) When it comes to establishing a positive relationship between people, laughing plays an important role.

g) Laughing helps to improve the overall health and healing power. That’s why most doctors, nowadays, advise their patients to go for laughter therapy to improve the health and healing power for fast recovery from various diseases.

What happens to Our Body When We Laugh?

There is a physiological change happening in our body when we laugh. Along with the facial muscles, our body muscles stretch and the pulse rate and blood pressure level increases. Our breathing will increase when we laugh and it increases the oxygen levels to our tissues. People who understand the benefits of laughter consider it as a mild workout. Doctors suggest that laughter, along with the movement of the arms, will help to improve the heart condition. Latest research also points out that continuous laughing for 10 – 15 minutes helps in burning calories. Around 50 calories are burnt when you laugh continuously for 10-15 minutes. All these points indicate the value of laughing in improving health and healing.

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