Impressive Displays are Made Possible with Slatwall

by | Oct 21, 2021 | business

Slatwall, also called slotwall, is an indispensable building material for anyone in the shopfitting or retail industries. Made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), these versatile panels can be customized in any number of ways to create eye-catching displays for just about any kind of merchandise. It can accommodate hooks, shelves, hanging bars, pucks, waterfall arms … in fact, just about anything! From small kiosks or corner gift shops, to high-end clothing stores, this versatile product is the display medium of choice for retailers.

Types of Slatwall
There are five main types of slatwall, and retailers will usually make use of a combination of types to create different displays throughout their store.

Paint Grade – this is basically raw MDF that has been given a unique surface that makes it ideal for painting. It is very useful for customizing displays in a color to suit your surrounding décor. It can also be left in its natural state, giving you a trendy, unfinished wood look.

Melamine – This is a paper finish that has been pressed or laminated onto the MDF on one or both sides. It is usually about ¾” thick, and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is also available in several “wood-look” options.

High Pressure Laminate – When you need a very specific color, or require better durability than with a regular melamine finish, this type of slotwall is ideal. Formica and Wilsonart are two well-known examples of this kind of finish.

Mirror-finish – Mirrors have been proven to slow shoppers as they walk through your store. This is a great way to then draw their attention to any merchandise located close to the mirrored slotwall.

Wood-grain – Manufactured from ¾” MDF, wood grain slotwall is covered in a melamine wood grain designed to mimic the appearance of maple or oak paneling.

Adding aluminum extrusions or channels to the slatwall panels increases their load-bearing capacity by a staggering 75%. This means you can hang heavier items without concern about bending or breaking the slotwall. On average, a typical 8″ slotwall hook can hold up to 55-60lbs when attached to a panel that has been strengthened with aluminum extrusions.

Other available accessories include gondolas, slatgrid panels, standing displays, support arms, hooks, shelf brackets, lights, literature holders etc.

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