Innovation In Cannabis Packaging

Growers, processors, and marketing companies working in the cannabis industry have suddenly found a large market niche in medical marijuana and legalized recreational cannabis use across the United States.

This increase in legalization has led to the development of specific laws and regulations around marketing products, including the use of specific types of cannabis packaging for dispensaries. Depending on the state, medical cannabis or recreational cannabis can be displayed in various ways within a dispensary. Finding the right cannabis jars and display options to highlight the quality of the product is critical for any cannabis company.

Highly Visible Product

One of the best innovations in cannabis packaging for dispensaries is the development of sealed containers that not only offer transparent sides and tops, but that also offer magnification lenses built into the container. Customers can clearly see into the container to check the color, quality of the trichomes, and the overall condition of the bud with regards to the presence of surface resin.

The addition of LED lighting within the container is also a marketing innovation in packaging. Not only does this highlight the display container, but it helps the customer in discerning the various color hues, the quality of the bud, as well as the freshness of the product.

Unique Options

Different options in cannabis packaging can add to the visual enjoyment for customers in the dispensary. There are even packaging options that use reverse magnets to allow the container to float in the air above the pad, drawing the eye to the product and creating interest in both the display as well at the contents.

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