Picking the Right Dog Walker

by | May 21, 2019 | Pet Care

Professional dog walkers are a big help for pet lovers on the go. It’s important, however, to pick the right dog walker NYC. Screening potential dog walkers as you would a nanny or babysitter for your child helps ensure that your furbaby is in good hands. Here is what to look for.


If you choose a dog walking company with multiple dog walkers, make sure you know who will actually be spending time with your pet. Will your dog work with the same handler every day, or will he see many different walkers? Very shy and routine oriented dogs may do better working with the same walker every day. If you hire a solo independent dog walker, ask who will work with your dog when that person is sick or unable to walk your dog.

Solid Training

When looking for a dog walker NYC, be particular about a walker’s training and experience. The city is a busy place where your dog may encounter unfriendly dogs, scary people or loud noises. Choose a dog walker trained in canine body language who recognizes the signs of stress, fear and aggression in both your dog and others she may encounter.

Your Dog’s Comfort

Before choosing a dog walker, do a meet and greet with him and your dog. Dog walkers love pooches of all shapes and sizes, and their furry friends love them back. If your dog seems fearful or unsure around a certain dog walker, choose another. It’s okay to give shy dogs a little time to warm up to a new person, but your dog should seem relaxed, calm and happy around the dog walker you choose.

These three traits are the most important when choosing the right dog walker. Of course, you’ll also want to work with someone who is properly insured. Ask potential walker candidates how many dogs they walk at a time, as well, and how they choose which dogs they walk together. The more you learn about a dog walker, the easier it is to recognize the right match for you and your pet.

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