Prep for a Northern Virginia Wine Tasting in 3 Easy Steps

Prep for a Northern Virginia Wine Tasting in 3 Easy Steps

Some people take their wine very seriously, especially if they’re trying to find a new favorite to stock up on. If you’re searching for the next bottle to serve to dinner guests, you’ll want to seek out the best wine in Northern Virginia. This might be a little harder than it sounds, so here’s how you can prep for your next wine tasting.

Come Up With A Game Plan

You may want to pick a day and time you don’t have much else scheduled so you can get the most out of the experience. The right winery will have a beautiful setup with lots of tasting options, especially if you attend a tasting event. If you’re not sure where to start, winery employees are often full of knowledge and can guide you in the right direction on your tasting journey. As a bonus, they usually know what’s a seasonal offering and which bottles are on sale.

Don’t Wear Perfume Or Cologne

For the best tasting experience, don’t partake in anything that will interact with the way you taste the wine. Smell is a huge component when it comes to taste, and a whiff of perfume could keep you from getting all the different notes the wines have to offer. With this in mind, keep away from tobacco and coffee right before the tasting begins.


While you don’t want to eat anything that could mess with the best wine in Northern Virginia, wine tasting on an empty stomach may not be the best option, either. Wineries tend to offer foods that pair well with their wines, so a meal at their facility or nibbles at an event are probably a safe bet.

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