Raising Quality Cattle and Bulls for Your Agricultural Business

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Agriculture

If you’re running a farm and your focus is on selling food products that are high-quality, you may want to consider purchasing beef cows for sale from Jorgensen Land and Cattle. The company helps to reduce your risks during breeding season and offers more than 60 years of experience. You can choose from some of the best bulls in the United States to ensure that the meat products you give customers meet their standards. When you have a cattle farm, you need a strong bull that is able to breed successfully and produce health calves. You can also trust Jorgensen Land and Cattle to take care of your land operation needs. The company produces feed for its livestock herds and all seeds are genetically pure. The production system for the feed also maintains the integrity of the soil, so you can be sure the cows utilizing the feed are in the best health. In addition to beef cows for sale, Jorgensen Land and Cattle also offers pheasant hunting. You’ll participate in a three-day excursion that allows you to spend more time in nature while you hunt pheasant that can serve as an additional source of income for your farm. You also don’t have to worry about hidden fees when you work with Jorgensen Farms. You’ll get the bull you’ve selected and have it returned without additional costs. Insurance is also taken care of. If the bull is injured while you’re leasing it, Jorgensen will replace the bull with no extra charge to you. Visit the Jorgensen Land and Cattle website for more information.

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