Reasons to Install Customized Fire Alarm Systems in Portland, OR

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Security

According to legal requirements, commercial buildings have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Sprinkler systems that automatically activate if smoke or flames are detected are also installed in certain buildings. While sprinklers and fire extinguishers can assist in putting out a fire, installing personalized fire alarm systems in Portland, OR, is the best way to protect your company.

Comprehensive Systems

More than usual, smoke detectors and alarms are part of customized fire alarm systems in Portland, OR. Custom fire alarm systems include the most recent technologies and innovative designs for user-friendliness and intelligent detection. Moreover, commercial fire alarm systems may be equipped with continuous air sampling devices, 2-way voice service for the rescue and elevator areas, equipment monitoring through landlines and mobile devices, and remote system access.

With the help of this technology, there is increased security around-the-clock and much better emergency protection. If you have any inquiries or problems, the fire alarm system services provide 24/7 help.

Faster Response Times

Not all standard fire alarm configurations are built to alert the fire department if smoke is detected. They often sound warning sirens, but a human must manually summon emergency assistance. Hence, if the alarm sounds when no one is inside the building, the fire department can take some time to arrive. One of the best reasons for a custom fire alarm system installation is they automatically alert the fire department if fire or smoke is detected. This considerably reduces the possibility of property damage because firefighters will be dispatched immediately to douse the flames.

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