Renting Cranes With Hi-Rail Capabilities in the United States

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Engineering

Specialized Cranes For Rail Maintenance

A Hi-Rail crane is engineered for maintaining railroad tracks and the immediate surroundings that are part of the designated right-of-way. Such a heavy-duty vehicle comes with a boom that could be precisely adjusted and extended. The operator could extend the boom to reach overhead power lines, signals, electrical boxes and other essential infrastructure in the railroad industry. You could also install versatile attachments to a Hi-Rail crane that’s deployed on the tracks. For instance, a hook could be used to lift hardware and debris along the way. When the vehicle comes to a complete stop on a track, the wheels should be completely blocked with the appropriate anti-roll devices. Wedges and other small devices prevent the crane from moving when the boom and other attachments are deployed. Additionally, such a crane is readily available with all-terrain tires for navigating gravel, dirt, mud and other rough surfaces near railroad tracks.

Removing Hazards From Railroads

You could use a powerful Hi-Rail crane to remove any hazardous items from overhead electrical lines that run above railroad tracks. Such a vehicle is available with a boom that has a reach of dozens of feet. Tree limbs and other large debris could be safely removed from any fixed structures near railroad tracks. Similarly, a specialized crane could remove any loose signals and other electronic installations that might fall on moving trains. During the maintenance work involving cranes, some of the local electrical panels should be shut off.

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