Smart Preaching: Powerful Tools to Communicate Your Message to the Flock

Smart Preaching: Powerful Tools to Communicate Your Message to the Flock

It’s true that all you really need is the Word to communicate what Jesus wants for his flock, but communication tools can help you cross that finish line. The following are some tools you can use to clarify your message.


One thing you can do is use sermon illustrations to convey your message. Sure, sermon illustrations can make it easier for kids to understand your message, but these can also work for adults. Visual learners need these types of communication tools to understand what you’re saying.


Sometimes, you need some media. You might want to use a clip from a movie or show that conveys what you’re trying to teach in your sermon. Jesus used parables often, and this makes it easier to convey big ideas in story form. Try to find your message in shows or movies that you know are Christian based to keep your message as clean as possible.

Another Voice

It’s okay to admit that someone else said what you’re trying to say better. Many preachers have posted sermons online or on sites for the world to use. You can create your sermon based on the message another pastor has already presented. Every Christian is a part of one family, so it’s okay to share with others; it’s all about helping the Body of Christ.

Now, you’ve got all the tools you need to communicate your message to your flock. Your goal should always be to be as clear as you can, and hopefully, these tools can help you do that.

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