Technical Teams Opt for Switchblade Knives While Working Outside

Technical Teams Opt for Switchblade Knives While Working Outside

Engineers and other technical staff certainly aren’t the ones that would usually get associated with automatic stiletto knives in popular culture, but they’ve found that they’re an attractive solution whenever these individuals have to work in an outdoor environment. Legislative and workplace restrictions still apply, which means that switchblade knives aren’t going to be the right choice everywhere. Those who are free to use them will quickly figure out that they’re perfect for working with cables or stripping wires when they can only use one hand.

Automatic stiletto knives have been the preferred choice of those who have to install switch hooks and other types of hook equipment for precisely that reason. Someone installing switching gear could hold a board in one hand and open their knife with another. It only takes a little bit of pressure to get said blade open. Try opening up a conventional blade and you’ll find that a little bit of force would get you nowhere fast.

Switchblade knives have developed something of a bad name in the industry, but they’re actually also a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts who go trapping or fishing. For that matter, they’re really an ideal solution in any situation where accessibility may be a concern. That’s why campers and those in countless other types of vocations are turning to them in spite of the negative image they have.

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