The Basics of a Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

by | Oct 21, 2021 | business

If you need an assistant force or pressure to move cylinders in one direction, especially where gravity and weight are essential, single acting cylinders are the perfect mechanical option. Single acting hydraulic cylinders can be mounted in different positions and there are basically two different varieties: single acting piston cylinders and single acting ram cylinders. These hydraulic cylinder varieties use fluid and spring action power to cause movement in one direction.

The basic design consists of a hydraulic hose which connects the cylinder to a hydraulic pump. The pump uses hydraulic fluids and pushes it into the connected hydraulic hose. The hydraulic fluids, like oil, starts to flow through the hose and into the hydraulic cylinder. Once inside the cylinder, the fluid is then pushed to raise the piston out of the cylinder; this is called “single action.”

Single acting hydraulic cylinder action is found in various types of reciprocating engines. They are mostly used as a part of combustion engines, like gas and diesel engines, as well as pumps, hydraulic rams, external combustion engines, and even certain steam engines. Custom manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders is a key component in achieving peak performance out of your equipment.

A common problem which can occur with single hydraulic cylinders is leakage. The damaging effect of a hydraulic system leak includes poor operation of your machinery and even premature machine failure. Poor manufacturing quality of a cylinder can result in leakage which can cause environmental damage, safety/accident liability, and other pitfalls that will affect your bottom-line with increased costs.

There are benefits in the use of a custom single acting hydraulic cylinder, which includes its small piston power and its single lip seal which is made just for pushing power. A single cylinder is designed to power the act of extending or retracting depending on its design. As thus, owners don’t have to be concerned about not having enough force for repeated actions. Additionally, single action hydraulic cylinders have a cost effective small tank to hold the oil fluids, which counts when you only have a small amount of space available in your machinery applications.

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