The Benefits You Can Expect When You Choose Toddler Milk in Virgina

The Benefits You Can Expect When You Choose Toddler Milk in Virgina

Some parents think that formulas are only for infants, but there is actually a growing demand for what is called “toddler formula.” While this may be a new idea to some there is actually a sound science behind it. Here are some of the benefits parents can expect when they give their children formula beyond the infant years.

Added Nutrition

Forumlas for toddlers are scientifically designed to provide extra nutrition that cows milk or even mother’s milk simply cannot supply. This is great news for children who may have food allergies or who have immune deficiencies that require significant extra nutritional standards.

Great For Weaning

Many studies have shown that some children do not transition well from infant formula to solid food. This difficult time period can be made a bit easier by feeding them toddler formula while introducing whole foods into their diet.

Provides Comfort

Some small children develop a significant attachment to formula when they are still babies. It provides them a sense of comfort that regular food simply does not offer. For children such as these, giving them formula while they are still toddlers can give them a sense of security that aids in emotional growth and development.


Just as there are many different types of infant formulas, there are just as many types of formula for toddlers. Whether they need specific proteins they are able to digest better or if the parents prefer to keep them on a special diet, these formulas can provide what you need.

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