Three Important Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Turf Equipment

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Agriculture

When the time comes to purchase commercial turf equipment, there are a few things that should be considered before buying. For many, the method of procurement and costs associated with operating are among the first things that come to mind, however, several other key factors are often dismissed or ignored.

Determining Your Needs

As you do your product research and weigh your turf equipment options, be sure to keep the purpose of making your purchase in mind. What do you need your investment to do for you? What is the desired result? How many acres do you maintain? What type of grade and terrain do you have to work with (or against)? Do you have dense vegetation, root systems, or snow that needs to be removed and would require specialty equipment? For the best return on your investment, research equipment options that have multiple uses.

The True Costs of Acquisition

Many buyers do not realize this, but purchase costs include more than just the price of the equipment you are buying. Other factors to consider are the cost of manufacturer recommended spare parts or any tax incentive that may apply to the purchase. When shopping around for competing companies and models, read specifications and reviews to ensure you have a comparable rubric. Look for the number of tasks that a specific machine can do. Also check to see if the equipment is for seasonal use or if it is able to be used year-round.

Operation and Maintenance

Are there any accessories that are required for any of your machine’s functions? Commercial turf equipment that allows for versatility by use of accessories is a great way to save on costs as opposed to getting multiple specialty machines. Other operating costs include fueling, manual labor, replacement batteries, oil, storage, filters, and maintenance/repair. While operating costs may not vary much, it would be beneficial to see whether one machine has better fuel economy than the next or if certain accessories have a longer life expectancy than others.

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The price tag that comes with different machines may seem to be the same at the time of purchase, but the actual cost of ownership is the real determining factor when it comes to the true cost of your investment. Call us today for a free quote, and one of our professionals can help you find the best equipment to suit your needs.


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