Three Ways to Hunt Pheasants Like a Pro in South Dakota

Three Ways to Hunt Pheasants Like a Pro in South Dakota

If you want to hunt pheasants with your friends like a seasoned hunter, you’ll need to consider a few things before you start planning a group pheasant hunting trip. Pheasants have great instincts, so you can’t hunt them like deer. In order to hit these targets, you have to be stealthy, patience, territorial, and wise.

Be Very Quiet

Pheasants have very good ear tufts. If they hear any sounds from your vehicle, they will fee immediately. ATVs are better than pickup trucks because they’re quieter. If you need a very stealthy unit, consider the Suzuki KingQuad.

Never Rush

You must carefully consider your movements before you start hunting because pheasants are smart. When they walk in their natural habitat, they always take strategic steps to ensure their safety. The most cautious birds will maneuver in circles in order to identify any possible threats. If you move from cover to cover patiently in a zigzag pattern, you’ll less likely scare the pheasants away.

Scout the Edges of the Property

Some pheasants will hide in isolated areas that are found along the edges of a hunting ground. If you only target the center of a territory, you may miss many targets.

Timid pheasants will often hang out near fence lines, so you should target these locations first. You could also find a few pheasants in ditches on the property.

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