Tips for Choosing a Tree Service in South Bend, IN

Tips for Choosing a Tree Service in South Bend, IN

Whether you have some limbs down in your yard or a whole tree to remove finding a good tree service can be a daunting task. There are many different factors to consider when searching for a tree service. The following are a few points that when considered will help you in finding a quality Tree service in South Bend, IN.

Trained Tree Professionals

Tree work is very dangerous work and should only be done by professionals. If you hire an inexperienced company you could be setting yourself up for an injury lawsuit. This work can be done safely and efficiently by people who are well trained.


It is easy for anyone to buy a chainsaw and claim to provide professional tree services, but this line of work is very dangerous. When hiring a company be sure to check to see if they are insured and have all appropriate licenses. Ask to see copies of these documents because there have been occurrences where individuals have lied about having coverage.

Safety Gear

After hiring a company be sure that you keep an eye out that proper safety precautions are being taken while they are on your property. The ground crew should all be wearing some sort of hard hat to protect from falling debris and limbs and the climber should have a proper safety harness and steel toe boots. If the company shows up with a ladder this should be a red flag because any qualified company will use harnesses and rigging, not ladders.

No Money Down

Since there are no materials to be bought for tree work a reputable company should never ask for money up front. There are many horror stories that involve companies asking for money up front and never returning to do the job.

References and Estimates

Anytime you are hiring any work to be done always ask for references from previous customers. The quality of the work previously done will be a good indication of how the company will work for you. Also be sure to get estimates from several different companies. Keep in mind, that a cheaper estimate is not always better because the quality of work may not be very good. Above & Beyond Services, Inc. provides all of the quality and safety steps to ensure superior results for all of your tree service needs.

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