Tips For Choosing Quality Rashers

In many countries around the world, bacon is a traditional option for a hearty breakfast. In Ireland, bacon is part of a full Irish breakfast, and it is also popular with a variety of different foods and meals.

Unlike bacon served in North America, rashers are made from back meat. In Canada and the USA, bacon is made from the pork belly. Both types are cured and salted, with dry curing the preferred and traditional process. Irish rashers are best served cooked until done but not crisp, while American bacon is typically cooked until very crispy.

Relatively thickly sliced, this is a cured meat that is flavourful and hearty, adding a wonderful taste and texture to many dishes, sandwiches, and even pasta dishes. While traditionally thick slices are popular, it is also possible to select a thinner slice that is typically served more like the crispy American bacon.

Select Quality Meats and Processes

To get the best in Irish rashers, start buying from a traditional Irish butcher shop that uses its own dry curing process. The top butchers in the country still complete dry curing by hand, allowing for exceptional quality in the finished product.

Consider Buying Online

Not every town has a local butcher that still makes bacon in the traditional Irish fashion. Choosing an online butcher allows you to purchase the best quality product made by a true Irish butcher.

One of the best options for online meat purchases is Hugh Maguire Butcher and Smokehouse. All meat products are cut and smoked in-house, ensuring exceptional quality control and consistency with all bacon, sausage, and fresh cuts of meat.

Choosing an online butcher is also very convenient. The meats you need for every meal are delivered right to your door. No need to go shopping or try to find your favourite meats, simply place your order online and wait for the parcel to arrive.

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