Tips On Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation

by | Jul 31, 2020 | business

Installing an Kitchen Exhaust Fan is a necessity in a commercial kitchen. While this can be completed as a do it yourself project, it is generally easier to have a professional company come in to complete the work. However, if the owner is adamant about doing it themselves, here are some tips on Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation.

Trace An Outline

The first thing to be done is to trace the outline of the housing of the fan. This will be traced on the wall with either a marker or a separate piece of cardboard. The cardboard can be held in place and used as a template when the cutting begins. However, for practical purposes, experts recommend tracing on the wall for both ease and convenience of Kitchen Exhaust Fan installation.

Start Cutting

After the outline is traced and the workers are ready to start cutting the wall, they will first need to drill starter holes. These will be drilled at random points along the outline, the purpose is to allow entry of the saw blade into the wall itself. When the starter holes have been properly placed, saw along the outline of the housing towards the starter holes until that particular section of wall falls away.

Housing Placement

After the wall is completely cut away, it is time to place the housing. This will line up with the ductwork. The ductwork is what will actually take the fumes and smoke and send it to the outside, instead of keeping it trapped within the restaurant. When the housing is lined up perfectly with the ductwork, cut off all of the power to the kitchen. Double check with a voltage tester as the power needs to be off throughout the entire kitchen. Install the fan according to the directions which came with the exhaust kit.

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