Most Popular Uses for Pre-engineered Metal Builds Jacksonville

by | Nov 13, 2019 | General Contractors

Pre-engineered metal buildings are popular for a variety of reasons. They are strong and cost very little to maintain and can be much less expensive to construct when compared to standard metal buildings. They are also unique and can be constructed using a variety of different designs. The process used in designing and constructing pre-engineered metal builds in Jacksonville is the main factor that drives down total project cost. The Basics of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings A pre-engineered metal building is constructed using standard components and pieces that have been pre-manufactured to fit together. Buyers can choose from a variety of roof systems, wall pieces, framing systems and colors when designing their building. Once a design has been established, all parts are ordered and delivered to the job site in preparation for construction. Project Completion Time One of the most popular benefits of choosing pre-engineered metal buildings is the total time it takes to complete a project. Designing a pre-engineered metal building takes significantly less time because all pieces are standardized and manufactured to serve a variety of industries and uses. The estimating and scheduling phase takes less time because pre-engineered buildings are factory-manufactured, making costs more predictable. The last phase of the process is the construction phase. Weeks, if not months, can be shaved off the total project completion timeline because there is no cutting or welding involved. All pieces are delivered complete and made to specification. In total, using pre-engineered metal builds in Jacksonville can cut down your project time by 75 % when compared to other construction types. Most Popular Uses for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Pre-engineered buildings can be seen all over the state of Florida. From warehouse space and storage to expanded office space, barns and more, customers choose pre-engineered metal buildings for just about any commercial use. A pre-engineered metal building is an especially attractive choice for businesses looking to expand their current office or storage space.

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