Types of Fire Suppression Systems in Rapid City

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Fire Protection Service

Fire suppression systems in Rapid City are an essential component to protect your property from severe fire damages. These systems are designed to prevent fires from spreading and reduce the amount of damage that occurs. If you’re ready to install one of these systems on your property, it’s essential to understand the types available.

Water Systems

The type of fire suppression systems in Rapid City most people think of is a water-based system. This system typically features sprinklers that trigger when a fire is detected to spray the area with water. It’s a simple system that gives you the protection you need, but it’s essential to work with your fire protection service to determine if this is the right type for your property before making a final decision.

Chemical Systems

If water isn’t the correct option for fire suppression systems in your Rapid City location, chemical systems may be a better option. There are several types of chemical-based systems, making it critical to talk to the professionals about which one will work best for your situation. For instance, potassium carbonate is a wet chemical that will work similarly to water. However, if you have sensitive equipment you need to protect, a dry chemical agent is often preferred.

Inert Gas System

Another type of fire suppression systems in Rapid City is an inert gas system. Fire needs oxygen to spread. If you can starve the fire of critical oxygen, it will go out naturally. An inert gas fire suppression system uses certain gases to remove the oxygen from the air. It’s the safest option for areas with sensitive electronic equipment that can be damaged by moisture.

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