What to Expect with Swimming Pool Construction in Fayetteville, GA

What to Expect with Swimming Pool Construction in Fayetteville, GA

You can visualize it in your mind and frequently dream about it. Children are laughing and splashing in the water while you and your spouse unwind in your bespoke backyard pool. The sun on your face and the water nearly feel like they are touching your skin. You must hurry! You know that swimming pool construction in Fayetteville, GA, requires some effort and time. You are also aware that your yard will initially appear terrible before improving dramatically.


The first step to Swimming Pool Construction In Fayetteville, GA, will be to cut down any trees that can obstruct where the pool will be placed. The pool’s form will then be painted and marked with stakes in your yard. The builder will then send out front-loaders or excavators to dig out your pool. It won’t take long for this part.

You can choose to have the dirt removed from your property or keep it. After this stage is complete, the pool’s bottom will frequently have a gravel drainage bed installed. During this installation period, your backyard will resemble a disorganized construction site.

Forming the Pool

At this point, it begins to resemble a swimming pool. Concrete, or gunite, is pushed behind and over the steel rebar using a high-velocity air gun. Finishers use trowels to precisely shape the gunite into the shape of your pool. The concrete pool construction must cure for a few weeks before the plaster can be applied.

During these weeks, take care to clean the pool of any debris and heavy rain. Watch for cracks to appear in the gunite. Small surface cracks are OK, but your builder needs to address noticeable ones or disintegrating regions.

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