When You Need Fire Sprinkler Maintenance in St. George, UT

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A fire sprinkler system minimizes damage when a fire breaks out on your property. You can’t install a fire sprinkler system and ignore it. You need to take care of it to ensure it works correctly when necessary. Routine fire sprinkler maintenance in St. George, UT, is essential to keep your system working correctly.

Non-Electronic Control Valves

The non-electronic control valves control the flow of water. This process is critical to your fire sprinkler system maintenance in St. George, UT. You can check these weekly, but your fire protection company will inspect them annually if you have electronic control valves.

Remove Sprinkler Head Coatings

Over time, dirt and grime build up on sprinkler heads, causing clogs that can impact performance. Sprinkler heads in high-risk areas, such as kitchens, are more susceptible to these coatings. Washing your sprinkler heads with non-corrosive, non-residue degreasing solutions is required.

Remove High Items Under the Sprinklers

It’s easy to forget about your fire sprinklers since you don’t use them often. For your fire sprinkler system maintenance in St. George, UT, you should check for items stacked high under the sprinklers and clear the space.

Check Water Pressure

Water pressure is a critical component of an operational fire sprinkler system. Your fire protection service will check water pressure during annual inspections, but you can test it too. Your fire sprinkler system may be affected if you have water pressure issues in other plumbing components.

Get Regular Inspections

Fire sprinkler maintenance in St. George, UT, requires regular inspections. A professional review can identify problems in their early stages for faster, more cost-effective repairs.

If you need fire sprinkler maintenance in St. George, UT, visit the Business name to schedule an appointment.

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