Where Do You Find Residential Asbestos Disposal Services in Fairfield, CT

Connecticut has beautiful old homes and a history that dates back to the 1600s when it became one of the first original colonies of America. As America took shape and expanded, so did Connecticut. It became a leader in architecture and industry, embracing all that was new to be explored. Over time, many old homes were torn down and new homes were built incorporating the building practices of the day. Being part of the New England area, it gets cold and advances in technology made way for the installation of insulation and many other household building materials that contained asbestos. Even though asbestos has been around since 2400 B.C. when it was used to make pots and other cooking utensils, it wasn’t widely used as insulation, wall panels and flooring until the mid-1800s and it continued to flourish as a material used in commercial and residential buildings. As the health risks of asbestos came to light, it became clear homeowners needed to look into residential asbestos disposal services close to Fairfield, CT.

Astech – The Experts in Residential Asbestos Disposal Services

You may or may not know or have asbestos in your home. The only way to know is to have an air sample taken. By using Astech, the experts in asbestos abatement services, you can feel assured your asbestos problem will be taken care of in a prompt and safe manner.

Safe Removal Services of Asbestos

If you live in or around the Fairfield, CT, area and have a home built prior to 2000, there is a good chance you have asbestos in your home. Once your home is tested and if it comes back positive for asbestos, don’t panic. Expert residential asbestos disposal services nearby are available so you and your family can enjoy your home asbestos free.

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