Why Mega-Companies Like Netflix Are Suddenly Using Billboards Again

Why Mega-Companies Like Netflix Are Suddenly Using Billboards Again

A picture of a black fruit with a stem and leaf showing a bite taken out of it. A cow leaning against a black on white message to “eat mor chikin.” Any combination of Coke and the Golden Arches. Once they were popular, but they’ve fallen out of favor over the years. However, Outdoor advertising companies in Oklahoma are putting billboards back on track.

The Internet

With the advent of the internet, the way people get their information has changed. Chatrooms and social media like Twitter and Facebook took advertising farther than ever before. Over the years, this has resulted in people walking around with their noses in their smart phones; no one looks up until it’s time to order their food or pay for their purchases.

Ad Blockers

The rise in popularity of cable TV meant no more advertisements until advertisers found a way around it. The same happened with the internet. At first, no one could escape the ads. However, someone found a way around that, too, and now users are able to install ad blockers. It seems for every technology that helps to disperse advertising, another technology rises to block it. What’s a company to do?

Billboard Technology

Outdoor advertising companies in Oklahoma use the latest technology in their advertising. It isn’t the 3D robotic Coke billboard advertisement, but it might not be far behind. Artificial intelligence in billboard advertising is one way for companies to get around ad blockers. Think about it. Advertising that can adapt itself to the viewer’s appreciation of color, wording, and pictures? No one would ever block it.

Netflix, Google, Apple, and others have invested in billboard advertising for these very reasons. People once tired of seeing billboards littering the countryside are now charmed by their message. Along with this, the return on investment has been favorable for each company. It might be a good idea for your business, too.

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