Why Plastic Makes The Best Outdoor Glassware

Why Plastic Makes The Best Outdoor Glassware

Spending time outside in the backyard, on the patio, or around the pool is always a lot of fun. It is a great way to enjoy a morning or evening coffee or tea and an ideal place to have a cool drink on a hot summer’s day.

The problem with having a hot or cold beverage outside is the issue of finding the right outdoor glassware. Too often, kids and adults find that traditional glass or ceramic drinkware is a safety issue, with a bump of a table or a slip of the glass through the fingers resulting in broken glass shards throughout the area.

The is particularly problematic with younger kids or if you use your outdoor area for entertaining. Condensation on the outside of traditional glasses increases the risk of kids and adults losing their grip and the glass falling on the floor.

The Benefits of BPA-Free Plastics

Today, it is possible to choose BPA-free plastic outdoor glassware. This looks like glass and feels like glass when you are drinking from the tumbler, cup, or classic glass design.

BPA-free plastic is safe and does not leave an odor or a taste. In addition, this material is very easy to clean and can be run through a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Additionally, the choice of plastic eliminates the concerns of flying shards of glass if the cup or tumbler is dropped, even if it lands on outdoor pavers, concrete, or deck materials.

Double Wall Design

Choosing BPA-free plastic outdoor glassware with a double wall design helps reduce or eliminate sweating on the outside of the glass. The outdoor conditions, including heat and humidity levels, will influence the amount of condensation, but the double wall design provides additional insulation and helps to reduce the problem, even in high-humidity environments.

When safety and durability are a factor, choosing great looking, long-lasting plastic outdoor tumblers is always the best option.

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