Why You Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Eau Claire

A fire extinguisher is a valuable tool for any business, no matter what type of operations. However, it isn’t enough to just buy a fire extinguisher. It’s essential to make sure you know how to place it appropriately and use it correctly. A routine fire extinguisher inspection in Eau Claire is also necessary. The following are some of the reasons you should stay on top of these inspections.

Ensure Functionality

Perhaps the most critical reason to get a fire extinguisher inspection in Eau Claire is to ensure your fire extinguisher is working correctly. Without using the fire extinguisher, you can’t tell just by looking at it whether it will work when you need it. However, a professional inspection will give you the assurance you need that it will work if a fire breaks out.

Check Damages

Even if you don’t use your fire extinguisher, it could suffer from damage if it’s dropped or bumped the wrong way. When you get a routine fire extinguisher inspection in Eau Claire, they will look for visible signs of damage, along with damage you may not even notice when you look at it yourself. Identifying any damage is essential to ensure you can replace your fire extinguisher when necessary to prevent finding out it doesn’t work at the worst possible moment.

Fulfill Legal Requirements

As a business, you have specific legal requirements to keep your property safe, including regular fire extinguisher inspections in Eau Claire. It’s essential to schedule these inspections once a year to remain compliant. When you get an inspection, keep the documentation you receive in case you must prove you have followed legal requirements.

If you need a fire extinguisher inspection in Eau Claire, Contact the Summit Fire Protection to schedule this essential service.

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