3 Reasons Why a WiFi Alarm System is Right For Your Home

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Security

You wouldn’t dream of living in a home without some type of smoke alarm system. Did you know there are wireless systems that offer benefits that older equipment could never match? Now is a great time to look into what a WiFi fire detector has to offer. Here are three reasons this approach is right for your home and your family.

You Can Control It With Your Wireless Devices

This type of fire security alarm does not require the installation of a manual control somewhere in the home. All you really need is an outlet nearby so the unit can be plugged into the home’s electrical system. You can activate, monitor, and shut off alarms by using an app on your smartphone or tablet. That gives you a lot more control no matter where you happen to be.

The Installation is Easy

There’s no need to run additional lines to install your new WiFi fire detector. An outlet is all that’s necessary. That means there’s no need to make holes in the walls and running new wiring to connect to the home’s system. You can literally have the alarms placed and connected in a matter of minutes.

Receive Alerts Even When You’re Not Home

If a fire does develop, all the units that are part of your WiFi fire detector system will sound alarms. Even as those alarms are going, the units will send text alerts to your smartphone. Even if you are away, you will know what’s going on and can get home as quickly as possible. If you don’t have a security system, this also allows you to contact the fire department as you prepare to make your way to the house.

Are you ready to invest in new fire detectors? The team at First Alert, Inc. can help. Call us today and arrange for a home inspection. You can also visit our website at Website.com to learn more about the fire safety options we offer. Together, we can make sure your home and your family is a little safer.

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