3 Tips On How To Market Senior Living Communities

Most senior communities spend a considerable amount of their budget on marketing to attract and build a client base. Unfortunately, much of the highly effective advertising in the past is no longer targeting the decision makers in the family. For some seniors, this is the adult child or children, while for others, they may be making the choice to move into assisted living on their own.

There are a few often overlooked tips on how to market senior living communities without adding extra costs or increasing the budget. Traditional types of marketing, including direct mailing, is still effective, but they should be used in the most efficient way.

Email lists – one of the best options in how to market senior living communities is the development of a qualified email list. These are people that are interested in learning more about your services and your community. Email allows for the option to personalize messages based on grouping people into different categories to receive more targeted email messages.

Branding across platforms – if your staff is uncertain how to market senior living communities across different platforms, working with a specialized marketing service is highly effective at pinpointing the message and providing clear, precise branding. Branding is a key part of messaging for senior communities as inconsistency creates uncertainty in potential clients and decision makers.

Access data and analytics – in the past, senior living facilities had limited ability to see what marketing strategies and platforms have the greatest reach and impact on the target audience. Now, thanks to online tracking and analytics, this information is readily available to constantly assess how to strategically market the community.

In addition to digital and traditional marketing, optimizing the website and ensuring information is readily available in a relevant and engaging way is critical to attracting your audience.


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