Get Peace of Mind with Commercial Fire Protection in Houston, TX

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Fire & Security

Fires can be incredibly damaging to buildings and dangerous to humans. Commercial buildings may be quite large, requiring special attention to fire prevention. There may be many guests that visit a commercial building during the day. Owners of these buildings have a big responsibility to make sure the building is safe from fires.


The best way to prevent injury from fires is to have a proper escape plan and detection equipment. Commercial fire protection may involve many fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and indoor hoses. Smoke detectors are often placed on the ceiling, as smoke usually moves upward. Fire extinguishers can be placed on walls for people to grab in an emergency. These are great for small, localized fires. Some buildings also put hoses in the interior parts of a building that may be hard to reach from the outside. Commercial fire protection service in College Station is something that all responsible business owners should investigate.


There are many commercial fire protection laws that must be followed. There are even residential laws for personal homes. The laws may require that you have a certain number of smoke detectors to cover a specific number of square feet. These may need to be strategically placed throughout the building. Get a copy of the laws to help you determine the proper placement. Many professional installation services are also familiar with the laws. An inspection may be required annually, as well. Summit Fire & Security can get you started.

When you run a business or own a commercial building, you have a responsibility to keep the general public safe. Take the time to look into the laws and hire a professional to install your fire safety equipment. A safe building gives everyone peace of mind.

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