4 Tips for Saving Money on Restaurant Equipment

Planning to open a new restaurant in NJ? Perhaps you’re renovating an existing kitchen, or you just want to replace some of your existing equipment. Whatever the case might be, you need to make smart, informed choices. You need quality equipment that will stand the test of time, but you also need to save money, too. Here are four important tips to help you save money on the restaurant equipment that you need.

Know Your Budget and Stick to It

First and foremost, know what you have to spend. Create a budget for your equipment purchases, and avoid the temptation to go over that amount. By creating and sticking to a budget, you help ensure that you’ll make the smartest decision possible.

Buy New Not Used

There’s a lot of sense in buying used items in your life. A used car is a smarter purchase than a new one, for example. However, that doesn’t apply to your restaurant equipment necessarily. Yes, used equipment will save you some cash. However, the amount of wear and tear on the equipment may mean you end up paying more in the long run. If the equipment is more than a few years old, pass on it. Investing in new equipment means that you get the full use life out of it, which helps you maximize your investing dollars.

Avoid Unnecessary Frills

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It allows you to enjoy a wide range of unique additional functionality with your kitchen equipment. However, those bells and whistles come at a financial cost. A piece of equipment with all the frills can cost several times as much as a lower-end model that offers the same overall quality, but fewer additional touches. If you have a strict budget and need to make it go as far as possible, avoid unnecessary frills.

Know Your Unique Needs

Finally, make sure that you’re buying restaurant equipment based on your specific needs and goals. The equipment you purchase should support the menu items that you currently serve, as well as those that you might decide to add down the road. The equipment should also fit your existing kitchen footprint.

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