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If you’re looking to buy a great bench, the Skyline series of benches is beyond exceptional. These stylish benches are another well-made product from Breezesta. In this article I want to write about all of the different style options that are available along with their various color options. I will also be writing about where and how to buy it.

Before I start talking about the different options and colors, I want to mention the company Breezesta. Breezesta is an American company that makes green furniture out of 100% recycled poly plastics that otherwise would have been clogging up landfills across the country. So you can already tell that this is a company that cares about its environment and that you can expect a great product.

The Skyline series of benches has many options that I will break down into two groups, rocker benches and standard benches. With the standard benches, you have three styles to choose from. The backless bench (a standard bench with no back or arm rests, great for a long table), the park bench (a classic designed bench with a back to it), and the garden bench (the same classic design as the park bench but with arm rests). The rocker benches also come in three different styles, the rocking bench (the same aesthetic design as the garden bench but with added ability to rock back and forth), the double high back rocking bench (same as the rocking bench but, as the name suggests, with a larger back), and then you have the gliding bench (doesn’t rock back and forth but rather glides). Every one of these benches comes in 20 different color options, so you can be sure to match any of your existing décor.

So where can I buy one? There are many locations and reputable dealers online, but with a company like Breezesta that takes so much pride in their work and makes all of their products right here in the USA, I would rather buy directly from them. If you go to their website, , on the left hand side of the page they have all of their different furniture categories listed. That is where you will find the Breezesta Benches. Once in the benches section, the first thing you will see is the Skyline series of benches and buying from that point on is as simple as picking your colors and ordering it. The great part is that when you order from them directly they offer free shipping.

The Skyline benches are another terrific product from a great company. With all of their products backed with a lifetime warranty, you know that you’re getting a product that not only looks good, but will last you a lifetime. You can visit facebook profile for more.

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