6 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Dog Walker for Your Pup in Midtown East

6 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Dog Walker for Your Pup in Midtown East

Hiring a dog walker helps you keep your dogs in tip-top shape. Read the following so you can easily tell if you’re hiring a reliable walker or not.

Disregards safety hazards

Ask the walker if you can come along for a test walk. If the dog walker isn’t mindful of safety hazards outdoors, then that’s not a good sign. Check out other dog walking services in Midtown East instead.

Uses the wrong leash

If your dog is of a large breed, then a prong collar is often the go-to choice for pet owners. For small breeds, a short leash or harness works better, the Better Homes and Gardens says. If the walker doesn’t seem to know or understand the importance of using the right leash for your dog, then look elsewhere.

Doesn’t pay attention

Heavy panting in dogs means the animal is thirsty and is an indication that the walk should end earlier. If the walker doesn’t seem to consider the condition of the dogs on that test run, that’s a red, flashing sign for you.

Has zero credentials

If the walkers aren’t bonded or insured, then spare yourself the potential stress and heartache of hiring amateurs to look after your dog’s safety during those walks. Keep looking for dog walking services in Midtown East until you find a trustworthy one.

Has poor reviews

Check out reviews and feedback about the company online. If the dog walking business has a mountain of bad reviews and complaints, then move on to the next names on your list.


If you’ve got a huge dog that’s always bursting with energy for those walks, you’ll need a walker who can physically handle him. If the walker is clueless about how to properly handle your pup, that’s going to be a disaster. Look for an experienced dog walker in Midtown East for the job. Visit NY Tails for best dog walker in Midtown East.

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