Treat Your Canine Friend Just Right With a Monthly Dog Toy Box

Treat Your Canine Friend Just Right With a Monthly Dog Toy Box

Our dogs, truly “members of the family”, bring joy, unconditional love, and companionship into our lives. There may be no better way to return their love and devotion than to get them treats and toys they can keep on enjoying month after month.

One quick and convenient way dog owners can ensure they get exactly what suits their dog’s needs the most is to get them a Dog Toy Box.

The dog toy box can be customized to suit the dog’s tastes and preferences in doggy treats, toys, and accessories. Some popular one-time boxes include:

• Barkin’ Great Happy Birthday Box

• Special Edition Dog Grooming Box

• Special Edition Pampered Box

• Toys Only Box

• Welcome Home Puppy Kit

Owners can sign up for specific monthly subscriptions, which consist of:

Popular Pooch

• 2 USA-Made Treats

• 2-4 Toys

• 1 Bandana

• 1 Natural Small Treat/Chew

Choose Plush or Durable after Pooch Size

Pampered Pooch

• 3 USA-Made Treat Bags

• 3-5 Premium Toys

• 1 Awesome Accessory

• 2 All Natural Small Chews/Treats

• 1 Bandana

• 1 Waste Bag Roll

Good for multiple dogs, too!

Toys Only

• 1 Bandana

• 3-5 Plush Toys

• Choose one size or mixed sizes

For doggies that don’t like or want treats.

Each box is customizable depending on the pooch’s needs, size, and possible allergies. Eco-friendly products are hand-picked and of premium quality. Different monthly themes ensure that the same product will never be sent twice.

To learn more about the wide variety of toys, treats, specialized packages, and subscription offers, check out Pooch Perks at

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