Finding A Great News Media Platform That Detects Bias And Inaccuracies

Finding A Great News Media Platform That Detects Bias And Inaccuracies

Getting important news about things that affect the lives of communities and their people is essential. However, getting the real news over the last decade has become increasingly challenging.

News Bias and Fake News

The term “Fake News” is a relatively new term that has permeated much of the realm of journalism as the amount of stories with inaccuracies and lack of depth has mounted. One of the prime problems has been an increasing number of news outlets that just rehash news stories from a generalized source without doing any investigative research. This lack of investigative journalism has proven to be an incredibly challenging problem for citizens just trying to get substance about the things that matter most, especially in politics and governmental policies.

Other Core Journalism Problems

In addition to the lack of investigative journalism, one of the other significant problems that have cropped up is the propensity of news outlets to create stories without using verified news sources. This has led to increasing inaccuracies in news articles and feature stories.

Resolving The News Media Bias Problem

One of the best ways to solve the “Fake News” problem is by using an online resource that rates stories based on their accuracy. This helps ensure that readers have the best information about the news they are reading without news bias. If you are looking for a great online, Biasly is a media bias agency that provides real-time bias ratings of news sources and their articles on their website. They feature thousands of current news stories with in-depth analytics of stories, political policies, and accuracy ratings. You can learn more about their platform at

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