Grief, Love, and Healing: 3 Tips for Holding a Memorial Service in Ohio

Grief, Love, and Healing: 3 Tips for Holding a Memorial Service in Ohio

If you’ve lost a loved one, you might find yourself confused or intimidated by what comes next. However, the right family owned funeral home in Eastlake, OH can make arrangements for you to say goodbye in a loving, healing way. Here are just a few other tips to help you get through this troubling time.

1. Have a Plan

Are you looking for a large-scale service that includes a wake and funeral? Or maybe you’re thinking of a smaller, more private gathering just for family. You can also have a ceremony for cremations; these are called cremation memorial services in Eastlake, OH.

2. Decide What to Share

A big part of memorial services is remembrance. It’ll be up to you to decide how your loved one is discussed, honored, eulogized, celebrated, and ultimately laid to rest. Talk to your funeral home about the specifics of things like photos and speeches.

3. Practice Self-Care

This is a challenging time for you, and it’s important that you recognize that and allow yourself to fully feel and process your emotions. You might be leading a cremation memorial service in Eastlake, OH, but you’re also grieving. Be just as kind to yourself as you are to others.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but with the help of a family-owned funeral home in Eastlake, OH, you can lay them to rest in a way that’s both compassionate and respectful. To get started with your arrangements, contact Monreal Funeral Home today.

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