Getting a Fair Diamond Appraisal in NYC

by | Oct 21, 2021 | business

Don’t be taken advantage of when it comes to finding out how much your diamonds are worth. You will need that information to determine if an offer to buy an item is fair. You may need that information to obtain adequate insurance coverage on your items. Finding a provider with the right expertise, and who is friendly and will give you fair information, is important.

Otherwise, you may get far less for them than they are really worth. You don’t want to insure them for less than they are worth either. Should your diamonds be lost or stolen you want to be able to get full price from the insurance company so that you can replace them.

Explore your Options

Spend some time finding where you can go for a fair diamond appraisal in NYC. Don’t be in a rush just to walk into the first jewelry store you see. Find out about the business and how long they have been around. Find out about the experience the appraiser has with this type of service. You need to know they have enough experience to be good at what they do.

Avoid going to any location where the reviews aren’t very good. There are enough better options out there that you don’t want to settle for anything less. Don’t work with any place that is trying to pressure you into selling your diamonds for far less than what they are really worth either.


When you find a location for a diamond appraisal in NYC, it is best to schedule an appointment. Many of them do accept walk-ins but you may have to wait to get the appraisal done. With an appointment, they will have the time carved out for you. Do it when you aren’t feeling rushed either so you have time to ask questions and get valuable information.

Sometimes there is a charge for a diamond appraisal and other times it is free. Make sure you know this before you have it done so there isn’t any surprise. If there is a charge, find out what it is. Sometimes, there is only a charge if you don’t sell the item to them. If you do sell to them, the fees will generally be waived.

Second Opinion

If you aren’t happy with the information you got through a diamond appraisal, why not get a second opinion? Then you can compare information from the two locations to see what they have in common and what they don’t. When such an appraisal is done, they should give you a written document with the various elements they checked and remarks. You can use those documents to complete a side by side comparison of the two appraisals.

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