Junk Yards in Louisiana Have an Important Function

by | Oct 21, 2021 | business

Junk yards in Louisiana serve a very important function, while they may not be the most glamorous places they provide a great deal of support to the environment and the local economy.  Junk yards have become more and more important over the years as the amount of waste has increased. What started out initially as small yards with stacks of metal waste, car parts and other “junk” has evolved into a major industry that is well-organized and important to the environment.

What Are Junk Yards?

Junk yards started out as place where people would bring car parts and other metal waste products and they would be resold, stacked, piled and eventually make it to a recycling plant. Junk yards are called “junk yards” because they were large fenced in areas that were like a backyard.

Today junk yards or salvage yards are highly organized enterprises that offer similar services that have been expanded greatly. Some yards have not quite gotten to the point where they are well-organized business that focus on environmentally friendly options.

How Do They Help?

Many junk yards’ work as a middle man of sorts between the public and large recycling facilities. They can be a great asset to any community by offering:

*     Cash for scrap metal
    Keeping the area cleaned up of metal debris
*     Providing valuable environmental services like recycling

A junk yard can help a community by providing a safe, reliable way of getting rid of metal scrap. Of course, the money that people are paid for the scrap typically is spent in the community. The community stays cleaner and neater without unsightly, yet valuable, metal scrap laying around. It is also a plus for the environment when metal is recycled, parts are reused and it all stays out of the landfill.

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