The Best Automatic Knives for the Easiest One-handed Open and Close

The Best Automatic Knives for the Easiest One-handed Open and CloseWhether a person is buying a knife for protection, for camping and hunting, or for an addition to their collection, quality knives are important. Having a knife made from durable material and at an affordable price, can update a buyer’s collection and give them a variety of knives to choose from. Viper-Tec carries a large range of Microtech automatic knives, and these knives are considered OTC, or out the front knives.

OTC knives are spring-loaded which means they open at the push of a button, for example, a switchblade. OTF and Microtech automatic knives are great for anyone that is operating the knife one-handed when their other hand is full or occupied. These knives are opened and closed with one single hand.

These fully automatic knives are also great for EDC, or every day carry. They can come in small enough sizes to be concealed in one’s outfit with the right knife holder, concealing is made easy and lightweight.

A great option for an OTC automatic knife is the Black Ghost D/A OTF with multiple blade styles available like the double edge or half-serrated. This knife is great because it is built for hard use. Its 3.5-inch blade has been hand sharpened and is extremely sharp, which could make it good for hunting and camping.

No matter what knife a customer chooses, Viper-Tec has the right fit for anyone and their specific needs. It is always good to know that an expert is waiting to help the customer find exactly what they are looking for. For more information on Microtech automatic knives, visit

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