There Are Free Cell Phones Available in Kentucky and Many May Qualify

There Are Free Cell Phones Available in Kentucky and Many May Qualify

There are free government phones in Kentucky. Eligible people can get a smartphone that includes text messaging. A data plan is bundled with the policy, and it allows you to connect to the internet. The web access is free until the current state of emergency ends.


You may be wondering why the government is giving away phones. During the height of the pandemic, a cell phone was necessary to keep in contact with others safely, and the administration recognized that some households could not afford this service. This project was born out of that necessity.

Once your device is activated, you will be able to call or text anyone in the USA. For now, there is no international calling, but people can pay an extra fee if they need that service.


As mentioned, the internet connection is temporary. It will be available for about six months past the end of the state of emergency. This access is crucial for kids who have to go to online classes in Kentucky. Through this program, they have a device and the platform to attend school, contact their teacher, and call their friends.


Individuals or families might be eligible if they are already part of a federal housing program, such as Section 8, or receive food coupons or stamps. Parents with kids in Headstart might get a phone if they meet the income requirements, and individuals who receive SSI or Medicaid should consider applying. For more details about qualifying for a free government phone in Kentucky, contact Infiniti Mobile at

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