Who Are Youth Workers?

Who Are Youth Workers?

Youth workers may not be the most visible professionals in the community, but they are often the most critical for the young people in the area. A youth worker is a professional who assists young people to overcome obstacles and challenges, to provide opportunities, and to help teens and young adults who may be struggling or dealing with difficulties in their life.

At YIPA, we understand the critical role that youth workers play in any community. We have developed a series of online on-demand and online live trainings to offer youth support working training that is geared just to those working in this field. Our training programs are designed to work around your busy schedules, with access to our programs around the clock.

Individual Programs

On our training page, organization and individuals can pick and choose from a range of different types of training programs. Each youth support working training is categorized by topic, area of focus, and time. The costs are extremely reasonable, and each training provides information, the approval rating from past participants, and what you can expect to learn.

Members of YIPA can take all training at no cost, which is a great option for an individual as well as a youth center or organization.

Certificate in Youth Work

Our certificate in youth work, or the Art and Science of Youth Work, is a comprehensive, self-paced program of study. It covers eight focus areas, from general information about youth work to communication, behavioral interventions, ethics, youth development, and intercultural engagement. It also provides a course focus on at-risk behaviors and mental health basics to help build confidence in any situation.

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