Top Benefits of Physical Activity for Children

When parents consider enrolling their children in something that helps them to “get fit,” they often think that it should be something that is full of rigorous activity. This simply isn’t true. You don’t have to put your child through a rigorous workout or join an expensive gym. As a matter of fact, enrolling your child in kid’s movement classes in Philadelphia can give them the exercise they need. Then there are the parents who feel that children are fine the way they are and don’t need extra activities. For those parents, read on below for some of the benefits of physical activity for children.

Exercise Strengthens Their Lungs

Exercising or even dancing around in a movement class expands the lungs, thereby strengthening them. The more physical activity your child gets, the better, as it will help their lungs when they get older. Everyone has a decline in oxygen intake when they start to get older. Physical activity, when they are young, will help them to prevent this decline as they age. While this might not seem important at three and four years old, good habits make for a healthy adult. Don’t forget that as a parent.

Physical Activity Controls Weight

In this day and age of fast food and video games, America has more obese children than it cares to admit. When you sign your child up for movement classes or make sure that they get enough exercise every day, you are helping them to control their weight the best way you can.

These are a couple of the top benefits of physical activity for your child. There are much more. Movement classes at the Nest in Chestnut Hill will help you control their weight, strengthen their lungs and ensure that they have a good time as well.

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