What Dock Type is Best For You?

In an engineering sense, docks are meant to facilitate the transport of cargo and people no matter what the tides say. For homeowners, they’re simply an integral part of the waterfront life.

Dock platforms vary in terms of dimensions, but it’s what’s underneath the decking that’s truly interesting. We’ll take a look at three basic different dock types, and help you decide which is best for you.

The Permanent Dock
This is a dock drilled into your lake floor or bottom. Typically with steel pilings, this dock is one that cannot be removed once the framework for it has been set. Unlike other dock types, this dock is typically designed to deal with harsh winters as per Cottage Life.

The Pipe Dock
The pipe dock is a dock built with legs made of typically metallic piping. It’s relatively cheap but requires a uniform lake bottom. Usually, a pipe dock is built with wheels attached to it, to allow for an easier removal from the water. Pipe docks are an alternative to permanent docks when you want a dock you can bring back in to dry for maintenance purposes.

The Lift Dock
Like the pipe dock, the lift dock can be removed from the water, but instead of being pulled out of the lake, lift docks are lifted diagonally with a winch during wintertime. To reduce load on the winch, these docks usually need their decking removed, which requires a little extra maintenance.

The Floating Dock
According to the Cottage Life blog, floating docks deal with fluctuating water but don’t hold up well against waves. Floating dock construction also depends on the weight of the decking itself. Ergonomic decking surfaces by companies like Ergo Dock give the best bang for your buck as well as the environment. Your optimal dock depends on your budget, and the lake or sea you’ve got to work with.

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