Three Signs That Your Commercial Building Is in Need of a New Roof

Three Signs That Your Commercial Building Is in Need of a New Roof

Large commercial buildings often have a flat roof. Those roofs use rolled rubber, bitumen and tar or tar paper as the waterproofing exterior layer of the roof. Sunlight, rain and wind cause these materials to degrade, necessitating a roof replacement. Keep the following three signs in mind as you check to see if your building is ready for new commercial roofing in Ponte Vedra.

Visible Damage

It can be difficult to see the roof of a commercial building when standing on the ground. However, many buildings have a ladder for rooftop access. Others have a hatch for accessing the roof. If you own a drone, you could fly the drone over the roof. Most people do not know how to tell whether a commercial roof is damaged, so the best way is to arrange for a professional roofing inspection. If you see any visible damage, chances are you need a new roof.

Interior Leaks

If there is a water leak inside of your commercial building, this is a clear sign that the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Flat roofs are common on commercial buildings, and an inspection can determine if there is a drainage issue with the drainpipes for the roof or if the roofing material itself is damaged.

No Longer Up to Code

Another sign that your building needs new commercial roofing in Ponte Vedra is if its materials no longer meet local requirements. If you are thinking of selling or leasing your commercial building, you may need to have a new commercial roof installed. If the roof is not up to code, the sale may not go through. For example, some building codes have changed in regard to which materials can be used on a rooftop in order to halt the spread of embers from a nearby wildfire.


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